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Filerr is a smart escrow processing ecosystem that helps close real estate deals faster than ever.


CA, United States


Real Estate

Team composition

9 people

Services we provided

— Discovery phase

— Development

— UI/UX Design

— Project Management

— Quality Assurance

Tech stack

Next.js, React, MUI, Axios, Redux, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, Sequelize, AWS ecr / ecs / sns / ses / cognito / s3 / ec2


Is a fully licensed LA, USA brokerage firm with more than 10 years of experience. The Client struggled with the huge mass of paperwork and outdated tools that fail to meet the Client`s everyday needs. Therefore, escrow agents were supposed to manage escrow transactions through 7 different tools that slowed down the process of the deal.


We developed an automated ecosystem for real estate brokers that links the parties of the escrow transaction altogether and makes the process smoother, faster, flawless, and easier. The system is integrated with the banks to simplify and unify the transaction. So, each stage of the escrow processing is arranged and shown in the developed solution.


With the new escrow processing platform, managers spend 80% less time to close the escrow. Also, thanks to automated flows reduces possibility to make mistakes during the processing.

Technologies we used

React Native, Highcharts, Nest.js, MongoDB, AWS (Cognito, ECS, S3)

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New clients attracted

“The team continues to provide high-quality solutions for the company, much to the client’s delight. CodeGeeks Solutions strictly adheres to the project’s timelines, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the vendor’s team dynamic and work ethic.”

Fei Weng

Co-Owner, Escrow SaaS Solutions Firm

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Oleg Tarasiuk

CEO & Strategist

Roman Labish


Roman Oshyyko

Design Director

Martha Sarvas

Deputy CEO, Head of

Business Development

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