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Product Design

Our design team helps you on creating human-centered products with a delightful experience. By handle every step of design process from ideation and strategy to execution, we create products that evoke emotions. From interactive prototypes for startups to complex enterprise solutions.

Software Engineering

When you choose us as your technological partner, you will get an ally who caters for your success on the market, makes sure that you go hand-in-hand with the latest technologies, and works on the utmost efficiency and reliability of your services.

QA & Security Testing

We make sure that your product seamlessly helps your customers with their work and delivers quality customer experience. Beyond that, we guarantee that your software is shielded against any threats, so that your customers have absolute confidence in your products.

SaaS Solutions

We will translate your ideas into full-fledged off-the-shelf products that fulfill your needs. Free up plenty of your and your customers' time and spend it on more pressing matters and issues within the organization.


We will validate your innovative ideas, check whether they will be beneficial to your business, and test their technological viability. We will help you make innovation your competitive advantage.

Web & Mobile Development

We provide a wide range of web and mobile services and development. Whether it is a consumer-oriented app or enterprise-class solution, we lead the entire development process.

Consulting Services

Architecture as a Service

Have a great idea but having no clue what technology to use? That’s okay, our CTO will help you to choose technology stack, build a proper architecture, setup environment and workflows.

Project Management as a Service

It’s crucial from the very beginning to build proper business processes and interaction within the Team. Our CEO helped many customers to achieve their goals by making in-depth analysis of their business processes, assessing the scale of necessary improvements and providing them with an adequate solution, which we further implement.

Product Design as a Service

In close collaboration, product designers will help you to blend user needs with business goals and create delightful and easy-to-use solutions. Define product goals, create a product roadmap, and get help in launching a successful product.

Startup-friendly approach

We believe in ideas we work with, so we can take up to 50% of invoices in startup options. As an added value we take care of the product management and roadmap. Our approach gives the possibility to quickly iron out the idea and raise funds at each stage.


Product Design​

Validate idea through visualization
& clickable prototype


Build MVP

Pump your product’s Time-To-Market with core functionality


Agile Development

Ramp new features up according to the fast-changing business needs



Technology Stack





Web Development




CodeGeeks Solutions is a software development company led by top-notch experts with over 10 years of experience in the industry. Helping our clients conquer their markets, expand a business, and deliver quality services to customers makes us truly happy. Client success is our top priority. The values we live by are trust, transparency, and our crystal-clear collaboration process.

Our Team

We’re always open to new talents. If you’re looking for a place that values your experience, passion, or desire to learn, feel free to apply.

Case Studies

Our Clients Say

I've worked with many development teams, both overseas and stateside, and I'm incredibly impressed with the CodeGeeks team. They're everything you want for with a development partner. They've built a team of A+ talent.”
Conor O'Phelan
Chief Product Officer, DOPE Marketing
“CodeGeeks handle all aspects of the software development life cycle from design & coding, to testing, deployment, and operations & maintenance. The depth of knowledge along with the application of that knowledge of the team are very impressive.”
Brad Brotherson
Chief Information Architect, Applied Knowledge Solutions Inc
“The team continues to provide high-quality solutions for the company, much to the client’s delight. CodeGeeks Solutions strictly adheres to the project’s timelines, and internal stakeholders are particularly impressed with the vendor’s team dynamic and work ethic.”
Fei Weng
Co-Owner, Escrow SaaS Solutions Firm
“Our goals are aligned. They want to see the app succeed. We are happy with CodeGeeks Solutions’ work, which they’ve tested and validated with good results. The team communicates effectively through weekly meetings and the agile process. Their fairness and wide variety of skills stand out.”
Cindy Eagar
President, Stock Timing Tech

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