Winning Construction Tenders with Technology

A tender is a process used in the construction industry where a client or construction company sends out a project to several suppliers and contractors to get quotes on the project. Tenders can range from government projects worth a trillion dollars to small-scale initiatives like home renovations.

Oleg Tarasiuk
Winning Construction Tenders with Technology


The construction industry heavily relies on the tender process, where clients and companies send out projects to multiple suppliers and contractors for quotes. Tenders can range from large-scale government projects to small home renovations, but the goal remains the same – to hire the best business at the lowest cost. Furthermore, the construction industry is constantly evolving and it is essential for companies to keep up with the latest technologies and trends in order to stay competitive.

Outdated Methods:

Despite the advancements in technology, many companies still use outdated methods for the tender process. Automating calculations for tender documentation can greatly increase productivity and allow managers to bid on more projects. However, many contracting managers still use manual estimations or Excel files, resulting in wasted time and potential errors. Moreover, the use of outdated methods can also lead to inaccuracies in the quotes and estimates which can cause problems down the line.

Benefits of Estimating Systems:

On the other hand, utilizing good estimating systems can greatly benefit contractors, saving time and ensuring a systematic approach to quote presentation. Additionally, a strong bid is crucial in advancing to the next round and ultimately winning the contract. Utilizing software for instant estimations can ease the bidding process and give contractor companies an edge in winning contracts. Furthermore, a well-designed estimating system can also help in identifying areas of improvement in terms of cost and time management.

Digital Technologies in Construction Industry:

In addition, digital technologies are becoming increasingly integrated in all aspects of the construction industry – from project conception to execution, improving processes for safety and efficiency. For instance, the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) can greatly enhance collaboration and coordination among the different stakeholders in a project. Likewise, the use of drones and other technologies can improve site monitoring and safety measures.


To sum up, digital technologies are essential for construction companies to stay competitive in the industry. Utilizing software for instant estimations and integrating other digital tools can greatly benefit contractors in terms of time, efficiency, and winning contracts. Furthermore, keeping up with the latest technologies and trends in the construction industry is crucial for companies to remain competitive and successful in the long run.

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Winning Construction Tenders with Technology
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